The Waltz: An Epic Journey

The Waltz: An Epic Journey



Gilgamesh, being of Sumerian descent, has grown tired of his life of luxury and excess in heaven and decides to leave heaven after dreaming about finding a perfect lover. The following pages describe Gilgamesh’s attempt to find this lover on Earth and of the people that he meets during his adventures. Gilgamesh is chased by God who is angry that he had the audacity to reject heaven but God cannot navigate the world he created very well and is himself victimized. Gilgamesh seems caught between two worlds, one ancient and archaic where idealism is rampant and a world of civilization and technology; a world that he can only communicate with in dream-like states. Gilgamesh is assisted in his quest for his Mycenaean Queen by the Hunter who rescues him but who is on his own journey to save his wife captured by the Necromancer; by Atropine who was killed in a ritualistic sacrifice but saved by God in order to chase down Gilgamesh; by Valkyrie who seeks absolution from death and defeat in battle; by Odalisque, a former prostitute now stricken with leprosy who longs for a lover from her youth. They are all besieged by Necromancer who captures souls for his own ends and seeks to keep Gilgamesh from finding his perfect lover. In doing so, Gilgamesh would substantiate a life of idolatry that both Necromancer and God require in order to keep the status quo; what are their seats of power.

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