Chinese International Students

Chinese students have long admired US universities. Studying at US colleges and universities has been a desire for many Chinese students for years and years. Of course, doing so became somewhat more problematic following 9/11 but in the decade and more since 9/11 the doors have been opened for Chinese international students once again. The Atlantic recently published an article that stated that during the 2013 and 2014 school year, some 274 thousand Chinese students were enrolled in US higher education institutions.

Original Sample & Model Paper Providers

China Doll Publishing was producing original sample and model essays and papers for students long before the web made it cool and simple. Since then, we […]

Smartphone Apps for College & University

Going to college or university can be a highly complicated and even overwhelming experience. However, the astute student at either the undergraduate or graduate level quickly learns to take advantage of the benefits that technology can provide in making the higher education experience more manageable.

International Students

The United States has long valued its international students. However, the university fees and related dorm and living expenses,