Gun Control Essays

Gun control and gun regulation in the United States is a hot-button issue. Gun control advocates argue that the Constitution does not protect gun ownership for individuals but rather argue that it supports a well-armed militia organization.

Healthcare Reform Papers

President Obama’s healthcare program and his attempts to reform healthcare in America have been well-publicized. His efforts, much as they did during the Clinton administration, have only exacerbated the partisanship in Washington and this topic has proven popular with college and university professors.

Essay on Toyota

Need a research paper on Toyota’s quality problems? As so much of the current research indicates, Toyota failed at the very strategy that gave the company its competitive advantage—Quality!

Delegation at UPS

This paper shall discuss the relative strengths and weaknesses found in UPS’ organization in regards to delegation. It will also examine the management and leadership philosophy behind the personnel structure. A brief examination of the corporate culture at UPS will also be discussed in terms of the commitment to delegation as a means to expand internationally.