IT Consulting B-Plan

This business plan is based on an actual business. It can be reformatted into any market or any other business context. It has the financials, marketing plan, and all other business plan requirements and major headings. These major headings may include those similar to the following: I. Executive Summary II. General Company Description III. Products and Services IV. Marketing Plan V. Operational IV. Management and Organization VII. Personal Financial Statements VIII. Startup Expenses and Capitalization IX. Financial Plan Research Bibliography

Business Plan Musts

The following five steps to writing a great business plan are not meant to minimize the importance of the other steps, stages, or components of a business plan. However, these steps relate to certain recognized components of the typical business plan that, if done poorly or inaccurately, undermine the overall integrity of the entire business plan itself. So follow these steps meticulously and then fill in the blanks with the other plan components and you will have a document that is certain gain you the investment you need to be successful.

College & Twitter

Some professors are finally beginning to see the light. While most colleges and universities and certainly most professors and faculty view technology as a threat, a brave few are promoting it as a means to improve the educational process and make the college or university experience more relevant for students today.