College Algebra Requirements

Over the past two decades most college and universities have begun to require basic college algebra in all of their degree programs regardless of whether mathematics is particularly relevant to the major. Previously, college algebra was only required for programs that were science, mathematics or professionally oriented.

Study Habits & Learning Styles

The importance of good study habits is well known. A recent article in the NYT just noted that many preconceptions about study habits are changing with the continued development of technology and how people are interacting with their environment.

Apple iPad & Online Education

The Apple iPad is seen as being an extremely effective platform to integrate with online education technology platforms and Apple eve offers student pricing. The iPad itself is a lightweight, easily transportable and mobile computing platform with integrated 3G and Wi-Fi. This feature alone meshes well with the flexibility and 24 hour access to online educational platforms that online universities and colleges tout as a major advantage over more traditional educational options.

University of Phoenix Sucks Fraudulent

The University of Phoenix has now taken to suing its former students for tuition it says is outstanding. Lest there are some that say these may be legitimate debts let me assure you they are not: