Administrator Pay-Up Again!

College administrator pay is up again! Enough is enough. International students already pay as much as 3X what regular students pay for tuition in the US and in the UK as well in most instances.

Sample Research Paper or Essay

The optimum solution for the World Bank (WB) to assist Ruritania’s economic growth and recovery is to implement a project designed to provide employment growth and economic diversification. Currently Ruritania’s economy is centered on its agricultural exports, primarily pineapples, and largely exports to just a single market, Sambatyon. Such economic concentration in a single market and on a single product is very risky and ensures that the country remains susceptible to any adversity in the economy, environment, or geo-political spectrum.

Military & Education Assistance

The military in the United States has seen a huge influx of service members over the past 6 and 7 years and these service members are qualifying for educational assistance with the GI bill and other programs to pay for their higher education after they leave the military.

Recession = Graduate School

A variety of pundits are saying the global recession (or the great recession as many are calling it) is officially over. However, while the massive job layoffs and corporate downsizing might be coming to an end or slowing, few firms are actually adding jobs and real incomes continue to be down. Many firms and governmental authorities might want you to believe the recession is officially over but we all know the truth.