Essays for EFL Students

EFL or ESL (English as a forieng language or English as a second language) requires a specific writing approach for essays, term papers, theses (this is the plural form of thesis) and dissertations.

Degress = Practicality

The New York Times points out that college degrees and the schools that offer them are now attempting to make these degree more relevant to the workplace. Students are more concerned about their employment prospects now than at any time in the past and this is a critical shift in college student mindset.

Yuk! McDonald’s Crappy Meat

I'll bet that you did not know that when fast food restaurants such as McDonalds say they use 100% real beef that they are not being entirely truthful. Well, being a large, unethical corporate giant you might actually have thought that but you'll be surprised just how far McDonalds and other purveyors of hamburgers are willing to go to widen their corporate margins.


英文學術論文,譬如研究所和博士階段的英文學術論文. 如廣大學生們所知的,研究部階段的英文論文方式工作是和大學部的研究調查組織的方式有所區別, 中國娃娃學術英文論文出版社的作者們都具有各項專業領域的碩士及博士學位的歐美人士,我們廣大的作者群非常的自豪的以他們的專業經驗提供學術論文研究業務,這些學術論文研究的資料都是從現行審查期刊和主要來自廣泛提供英文學術和專業數據庫,如EBSCO, Proquest, Thompson-Gale, and Questia.